Purely Syrup is debuting with 5 versatile flavors: Ginger Root, Grapefruit, Vanilla Bean, Habanero, and Classic (unflavored).

Classic: A revelation in clarity, from appearance to flavor, the sweetness of pure cane sugar without the lingering cloying sensation of artificial syrups and additives. The Classic presents the perfect vehicle to elevate any drink, from a lemonade to a Tom Collins.

Vanilla Bean: The warmth and richness of vanilla custard juxtaposed against
finishing notes of burnt marshmallow. Versatile enough to compliment both hot espresso and bourbon, or both at once.

Habanero: Rose-hued syrup engages the palate with smoky and vegetal overtones, a pleasant counterpoint to the lingering tingle of heat. A dash in club soda with lime is an easy answer to the search for an interesting non-alcoholic drink, and brings liveliness to any cocktail.

Grapefruit: Floral and bright, retains hints of bitter and sour, critical to grapefruit’s identity, showcasing the full complexity of the citrus in any drink it meets. The liquid equivalent of halved, sugared and broiled grapefruit.

Ginger Root: The stimulating flavor of candied ginger with a focus on the root. Its earnest, earthy overtones are reminiscent of home-brewed ginger beer and make it an ideal choice whether highlighting a Dark & Stormy or caramelizing bacon on the stove.